River pebble sand making machine / river pebble sand production line / river pebble sand making equipment
Processing range: environmental protection sand making graded gravel
Scope of application: concrete mixing plant
Processing equipment: mobile crushing and screening equipment or fixed crushing and screening equipment

Material introduction
The river pebble is a kind of pure natural stone. It is taken from the sandstone mountain created by the uplift of the ancient river bed after the crustal movement of tens of millions of years ago. It has experienced continuous squeezing and friction during the process of flash flood and moving water. During the vicissitudes of evolution for tens of thousands of years, they have been subjected to waves and waves, lost their irregular corners due to collision and rubbing with gravel, and have been buried deep in the ground together with the sand for silence for millions of years. The main chemical composition of river pebbles is silicon dioxide, which has hard quality, bright and simple color, and has the characteristics of natural stone with pressure resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and is an ideal green building material. In the river pebble crushing process, the jaw crusher is mostly used for one-break, and the cone crusher is used for two-break and three-break.

Process advantages
Strong technical strength and high degree of intelligence
By analyzing a large number of technical achievements and specific working conditions, a number of scientific research achievements and practical experience are integrated to make the practical application of the process and the performance of operation and maintenance reach a more intelligent level, ensuring stable and efficient production of low-cost equipment.
Green and environmental protection
In response to the national environmental protection call, the process is designed according to the national environmental protection standards. With strong technical support, the process is continuously improved, and the generated dust is effectively treated to reduce environmental noise. Every customer is guaranteed no worries.
Optimized process design, tailored and practical
Based on strong technical strength, based on years of experience in customer cases, we tailor-made designs for each customer and continuously optimize the process to ensure that the equipment meets the needs of users for different configurations under the same conditions of use.
Stable overall operation, simple operation, convenient maintenance
The high-quality raw materials and reliability design reduce the operational risk by simplifying the operation of the production line, making the operation simpler and more convenient for maintenance, thereby effectively reducing labor and time operation costs, and creating greater value for customers.
Reasonable program design, high cost performance, low cost
Through professional inspection of materials, full survey of the customer's on-site construction environment, scientifically designing solutions for customers, ensuring that the entire production line is configured reasonably, the layout is compact, and the customer's return on investment is ensured.
Large processing capacity, high efficiency, fast return on investment
The high-strength and durable equipment performance ensures the normal and smooth operation of a single equipment during the operation of this process production line. Maintain high yield, high efficiency, and low cost during continuous operation, thus meeting higher customer requirements.